Links to Useful Websites

This page provide links to entities who study, regulate, restore, or have other involvement in Klamath River water quality.

Tribal Governments
Hoopa Valley Tribe - Tribal Environmental Protection Agency

Karuk Tribe of California - Department of Natural Resources

Yurok Tribe - Environmental Program (includes link to real-time data)

Quartz Valley Indian Reservation - Tribal EPA Department

Resighini Rancheria

Klamath Tribes of Oregon

State Governments
North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board – Klamath pages:

Oregon Department of Environmental Protection -  Klamath Basin page

California Energy Comission - Klamath Page

Federal Government

U.S. Departement of Interior - Klamath River Restoration

Bureau of Reclamation - About the Klamath Project Project

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Klamath watershed page

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Klamath water quality monitoring

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - California-Nevada Fish Health Center

Non-Governmental Organizations
Klamath Riverkeeper

Mid Klamath Watershed Council

Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC)

California Hydropower Reform Coalition

Cal Trout

American Rivers

Oregon Wild (formerly the Oregon Natural Resources Council)


Humboldt State University – Klamath Watershed Institute

Oregon State University - Salmon Disease Lab - Klamath River Salmon Page

Oregon Insitute of Technology - Klamath Waters Digital Library


Klamath Basin Monitoring Program

PacifiCorp - Klamath Dam relicensing

Klamath Resource Information System